Martes, Enero 31, 2017

Cheaper way to lose weight





Aminin!! Wala kang choice kundi pagmasdan na lang ang taba sa lahat ng parte ng katawan mo.. 
Ilang beses mo na bang sinabing mag "didiet ako" o "i'll start working out" pero wala naman nangyayari…... 
May iba naman dyan na nasimulan ngunit hindi kayang tapusin, bakit? (Hello! Ang sarap kaya kumain, ang sarap matulog, ang sarap mag pahinga) at marami pang ang sarap gawin na ang hirap iwasan!!

1.) Alcohol
2.) Fast food
3.) Busy Day
4.) Work Loads
5.) Occassions (na sobrang daming pagkain)
6.) Sweet Chocolates

At ang pinaka the best na dahilan kung bakit hindi mo masimulan ay TAN TA NA NAN!!  "BUDGET"  .. (na hit ko ba? Yeah!! I think so!!) 
First problem sa "BUDGET"

Well simulan natin kung bakit. Diet means eat healthy foods not by not to eat at all. (friend diet! hindi magpakagutom). Starving yourself is very very very super very wrong!! It's not a proper diet dear..
Some of the proper foods for dieting are leafy greens,salmon,cruciferous vegetables, lean beef and chicken breast, boiled potatoes, tuna, beans and legumes. For everage person (like me) this food wont work, plus i can't eat this thing especially other leafy greens (taste like eeewwwyy) and i can't afford salmon or beef everyday "My GAWD!!" And for those people who want to reduce weight but still asa parin sa parents nila or not yet earning money by themselves like student's hindi talaga kakayanin ng budget ..
Ok to cut this short for you guys, I like to share what I discovered..


Well it's a sandal that can help you reduce some weight, i know it sounds ridiculous but it really works for me. Yes it may take some time but the thing is I dont have to spend money everyday to buy those dieting foods or spend my money by going to GYM. How it works? Well it adjust body muscles and keep joints in balance.  Also corrects posture and at the same time can massage my super tired feet, plus i can wear it anytime or anywhere, can match my outfit pambahay man or pang-alis, tingin ko bagay din sya sa summer so i'll definietly wear this during summer. Simple lang ang ginawa ko instead of using my regular tsinelas i switch to Swing Sandals. First i dont believe into this tsinelas either, but it's too sassy/fancy/cute and beside affordable naman sya so walang mawawala kung bibilhin ko ‘to kesa sa flat slipper that is worth one thousand or more tapos wala naman akong makukuhang benepisyo. I bought this last christmas when i saw it in some site that i browsed. I used this at home even sa malls, mabilis lang din naman syang bagayan and believe me or not i lose weight hindi man ganun kabilis ang resulta but atleast unti-unting nababawasan timbang ko plus ito ‘yun bottomline, walang kahirap-hirap magdiet!
Here's the site where i bought this slipper .. Try one and see for yourself.. And if you see the results please let me know. Thank you!